Mrs. Sedgwick - St. Martin's Kindergarten


In February, we created a Things We Love collage in KidPix:


We started off our January Winter Wonderland projects by watching some videos by other Kindergarten classes. We are having so much fun watching all of these and love to sing along to the songs. We will be watching one or two videos at the start of most of our classes this month. We watched the Emperor Penguin video at National Geographic kids and have completed our Penguin Glyphs and Penguin Math Books. Our teacher combined our Glyphs and Math Books into one presentation and here it is:

We learned about Wilson Bentley, The Snowflake Man, by listening to the book My Brother Loved Snowflakes and drew snowflakes in Kidpix.


Here's our Winter Wonderland video - we hope you like it!

This video is also available on Vimeo if you are having trouble with TeacherTube.

And did you see St. Martin's Online Holiday Card? We also took the holiday polls in class using Excel so we could see our results as we took them. Our teacher added our answers to the actual poll too so we would be counted in those totals.
Wow - We Love Christmas!
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