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St. Martin's Episcopal School 1st Grade - Winnetka, CA


During January we watched a video of Jan Brett reading her book, The Mitten, and then completed the Mitten Math & More PowerPoint activities. We'll be sharing our mittens later! We also read the book Snowmen At Night and then imagined what a snowman that we built might do at night. We then drew a picture of our snowmen in KidPix. It's harder than you think to make a snowman in Kidpix. Watch for our snowman soon. We also created snowmen and recorded descriptions for the Describe A Snowman activity. Our teacher transcribed the descriptions and posted them and our recordings here for our partner class to read and hear. We are looking forward to recreating our partner class' snowmen soon!

Describe A Snowman

Our Partner Class: Tate's School 2nd Grade - Knoxville, TN


Original Snowman

Recreated Snowman

My snowgirl is wearing brown hair, pink sunglasses, red lips, a pink bikini top and snow arms and the weather is sunny out.



My snowman has robot eyes, a robot shirt, robot arms and the weather is sunny. And, it has a big helmet and his mouth is like open and his nose is like a moustache.



My snowman has hair. It has eyes that are kinda sleepy and it has whiskers and has lips and a bikini top and two arms. It’s snowing.



My snowman is wearing brown hair, sunglasses and a carrot nose. She’s wearing red lips and a bikini top and snowy arms and the background is snowing.



This is my snowman. He has a black hat with a purple stripe. He has blue eyes with a carrot nose, two curves on its mouth with a scarf and red and green stripes and his arms are sticks with mittens on them and it is snowing out.



My snowman has hair and eyes with purple makeup. And it has a bunny nose and lips and it has a bikini and long sticks and gloves. The weather is snowing.



My snowman has makeup. The hair is brown. It’s wearing bikinis, has a carrot nose and it has people arms. In back, it’s snowing.



During December, we made Gingerbread Glyphs, made a Gingerbread Card for our families with our faces as the Gingerbread Person's face, made a Christmas Tree Card for our Teacher with our faces as the ornaments on the tree, learned about all of the holidays that are celebrated in December, talked about the holidays that we celebrate and played Gingerbread & Christmas Games.

We created Gingerbread Glyphs based on the instructions found on the December Activities page and are sharing them below. We would love to share the cards that we made but we don't post pictures of ourselves on wikis so we can't.

We'd love to know if you can figure out anything about our class from our Glyphs. How many boys are in our class? We'll give you a hint - one of the boys was absent and didn't get to do the glyph. How many girls are in the class. Are any of us 7 years old? How many of us are 6 years old? Are there any of us not 6 or 7? Have we tried gingerbread? Do we like cookies or candy better? Leave us a message on the discussion tab and if your Gingerbread Glyphs are posted online, we'd love to see them too and try to figure out more about your class!

StM1011-1stGB01.JPG stm1011-1stGB02.JPG StM1011-1stGB03.JPG StM1011-1stGB04.JPG StM1011-1stGB05.JPG StM1011-1stGB06.JPG
Oh, and if you are interested in which December Holidays we celebrate, 100% of us celebrate Christmas and 43% of us have some kind of celebration on New Years Eve. What about you? What December Holidays do you celebrate?