St. Michael 2nd Grade - Independence, Ohio

December 2, 2010 Hi, we have discussed the holidays that happen between Thanksgiving and January 2. We were very excited to hear about St. Lucia Day and hope that the girls don't catch fire wearing those wreaths on there heads. We will be surprising our Spanish teacher when we see her and tell her we know about Las Posadas. We did not know anything about Rohatsu or Kwanzaa. We thought Boxing Day was actually a day for fighting but we like the real meaning better - maybe we can switch places with our parents! We can't wait to come back to class next week so we can do some art and tell about our special holidays.

We have 2 voice threads- neither are very good since this was our first time. We will try to better by speaking louder and paying more attention to the research part. Who ever thought that research was so important or so hard.